Winter Light at the Upper Lliw Reservoir

Having not been out for some time due to the largely dreary weather over the Christmas/New Year period, I was determined to hit the ground running in 2018.

On the walk up to the Upper Lliw Reservoir, near Felindre, Swansea, it got very dark and ominous. I was convinced it was going to rain. Thankfully when I got there, it had brightened up somewhat, although the skies were still cloudy.

I thought the view from the dam wall felt a little flat, so I climbed up into the hills on the western shore of the reservoir, and braved the icy winds, waiting for a break in the clouds. After half an hour, it finally came. It didn’t last long — a mere ten seconds or so, but it was enough to get the dramatic shot I was after. This is one of my favourite types of light – when the foreground is brighter than the sky.

Upper Lliw Reservoir, Swansea.
Nikon D300

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