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It’s a grey Monday. After a photographically disappointing previous week of foul weather and indecisiveness (including a drive up to Carn Goch hill-fort before deciding that I just couldn’t be bothered that day), around lunchtime, I’m parked up at Pen Arthur forest putting my walking boots on. Compared to some of last week’s low temperatures, it’s a relatively mild 10°c. The forecast says there’s a 1% chance of precipitation and the skies are set to be mostly cloudy with sunny intervals. Aside from not having made any excursions over the last few days, one of the biggest drivers to

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Chris in Blog

I’ve got Sunday off work, and multiple forecasts say it’s going to be a day of sunshine. What has been bugging me for most of the week, is figuring out where I’m going to go. I still haven’t got the hang of planning ahead. Should I return to Brechfa Forest? Hit the coast in Pembrokeshire? I just can’t decide. At 6 am on Sunday morning, half an hour after I’ve woken, I look at my Natural Resources Wales leaflet that a kind employee left under my windscreen wipers on my visit to Halfway Forest about a month ago. I spot Cwm Berwyn and am intrigued. It’s pretty understated on the map, but

Posted on January 07, 2018 by Chris in Blog

I’m cruising northbound along the A40, just past Manordeilo. The music’s loud and I feel good. I round a bend in the road and lo and behold, there’s a tractor ahead of me. He’s doing 30 mph, bouncing around in the cab with what looks to be an unruly child with him. I can't help but think of Lee Evans’ stand up shows at this point. I’m not feeling the whole ‘I’m happy going slower because I can appreciate the scenery’ vibe today. It’s overcast, and I can’t even see the usual peaks of the Carmarthen Fans to the east — they’re shrouded in haze. Thankfully, the A40 is mostly straight along

Posted on January 03, 2018 by Chris in Blog

It’s Sunday 10th December, the first of my two consecutive days off from the day job. I lie reading in my bedroom, watching snowflakes flutter down onto the front gardens and carefully manicured lawns in my cul-de-sac. It’s a snow day. Having planned to travel out on both my days off, as the snow turns to sleet, and the sleet turns to rain from gloomy grey skies, I decide not to go out. My ‘should monster’ starts barking, and I feel guilt for a while, but then figure it’s okay not to go out, there will be other days. Browsing the news and Instagram later that day, I see that whilst a

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Chris in Blog

A change in my work shifts means I now start at 4 pm most days giving me the freedom to get out and enjoy the autumn for a few hours before work. It’s 8 am on a misty November morning. In an hour or so, I’m, going to be walking the trails of Caio Forest, Carmarthenshire for the first time. Ever since first visiting the sprawling Brechfa Forest over a year ago, I’ve felt a desire to diversify, and try some of the lesser-known Welsh forests. Caio forest has been at the top of my list of forests to visit for about a year now. Googling ‘Caio Forest’ returned some pretty underwhelming image

Posted on November 08, 2017 by Chris in Blog